Upcoming Events

Background Workshop

March 4th

Concordia's own Film Animation major Ludvic Talbot is here to talk about Backgrounds!

This workshop will dive into the theory behind background making, the psychology of composition and the ways you can use it to redirect the viewers’ attention to the focus of your film

48Hour Challenge

March 6th

What is that, you may ask?
In the past, Animation Students have gotten together in teams and challenged themselves to create a short film in one weekend (48hrs to be exact!)

This year, we’re coming together with CESSA to create awesome audio visual pieces and films! You will be put in teams of 2-3 animators and 2-3 electro acoustics students, and you will have 48 hours to come up with a 30 second short!

Past Events

Peanut Butter& Comic Jam

February 20th

Trailer Event!

February 6th

Game Extravaganza!

January 10th

Inktober is upon us!

October 1st. to 31st. 2019

Halloween Comic Jam

October 30th. 2019

Stay tuned! We will be planning workshops, parties, talks and more, all throughout the year!

Got suggestions or want to help? Contact us at fman.club@gmail.com

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